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Sea Sensations in Argyll

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

A new experience. A positive new experience. We could all do with enjoying ourselves once again. The desire to try something new or explore somewhere different has probably never been more craved after, by all of us, at this time.

Well, there’s a fresh and exciting experience to be had, on the horizon. It doesn’t involve airport delays or panic over lost passports and is definitely a ‘must’ that will boost that ‘feeling good’ sensation.

Loch Fyne Portavadie Arran Argyll
Loch Fyne looking towards Arran

Tantalise those senses by experiencing the stunning coastline of Loch Fyne in Argyll, be breathe taken by the view of the Isle of Arran, rising majestically out of the water, shrouded in all its ancient mystery as herons glide effortlessly from the shore. Be mesmerised by the peace and solitude interrupted by an occasional vocal grunt from an inquisitive harbour seal. What better way to digest all this and more, from the deck of a boat?

Making Waves on Loch Fyne

Fyne Sea Tours was launched last year amidst the mayhem of the pandemic. From August to November our boat trips operated from Portavadie Marina, a perfect location from which to offer a taste of a Scottish loch in all its glory. With an urge for people to take a staycation in between lockdowns and favourable weather last summer, we experienced a phenomenal amount of interest. Within the second week of operating our diary was filling quickly. We hadn’t even implemented our marketing strategy properly at this point!

Seas the Day

For my husband and I, to build a lifestyle business around the Loch Fyne area of Argyll was always in Plan A, or Plan B or even C. You can never have too many plans! The business idea was crystal clear. The vision was to offer boat tours to visitors and to share our passion for the waters around Loch Fyne.

When that was to be, if it was to happen at all, was the question, until it was answered for us last year, in the most unusual circumstances. Amidst the uncertainty and upheaval of the pandemic last summer, our new horizon had come into view. Suddenly we had the choice to take a chance to make a change in our lives.

The Fyne Sea Tours Crew

The most important member of our crew is Crystal, our thirteen year old springer spaniel, who is a rather reluctant sea dog, preferring her warm cosy basket in front of the wood burner, if given the option. Other members who are less important than our four legged crew member are my husband Martin who I allow to be called Captain, who steers and maintains the boat and myself, Janine, who is the trusty Deck Hand and Tour Host, who encouragingly tempts customers to fall in love with awesome Argyll!

With all the relevant qualifications and certificates and over twenty years of sailing on the west coast of Scotland, particularly in the Loch Fyne area the crew and boat are well equipped to confidently and safely take passengers out on the water to offer scenic wildlife boat trips.

Crystal our Springer Spaniel Reluctant Sea Dog
Crystal Reluctant Sea Dog

Let’s Rock the Boat

So, the crew are ready and waiting for you…. for when the new season begins in a few weeks, fingers crossed.

Therefore, whilst we wait in anticipation, here’s a glimpse of what we will be offering aboard Fyne Sea Tours.

Stunning scenery – Argyll promotes this on its own without any help from us! The colours relentlessly change with the weather so no view ever remains the same. Bring your camera to capture this spectacular spectacle!

Wildlife – There are diving gannets, bobbing seals, cheeky, chirpy oyster catchers and floating lion’s manes to entertain you. Oh, and the occasional, elusive sea otter. Don’t forget your binoculars!

History – Witness evidence of Argyll’s rich and intriguing past including where Robert the Bruce fortified Tarbert Castle in 1325.

Tarbert Harbour boat tours boat trips cruise Scottish boat tours
Tarbert Harbour, Loch Fyne

Scottish working life – Experience daily life in Tarbert, a traditional working village and harbour and witness an example of a local aquaculture industry such as salmon fish farming.

So, have we floated the idea with you? Have we awakened your senses and inspired you to pursue that new experience?

We would enjoy your company as we tell our unfolding story of how we are building on our lifestyle business idea and turning it into a reality. Who knows, we may see you on board this summer!

Stay safe.


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