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Capture Argyll’s Fynest - Scottish Wildlife Photography Tours

Calling all photographers, from novice to proficient.

Calling all nature and wildlife enthusiasts and anyone who loves a boat tour.

Something new is happening on Loch Fyne in Argyll.

Majestic mountains and glens, verdant forests and ancient woodlands, an abundance of islands, vast fingers of stunning lochs and a marine environment oozing with wildlife………is all waiting to be captured by you on camera!

Upper Loch Fyne boasts a perfect back drop along with its diverse coastline, to offer you the opportunity to catch that memorable image!

Join us on our Scottish Wildlife Photography Tours aboard Fyne Explorer to immerse yourself within this beguiling region of Argyll and take that perfect shot!

Grab your camera…..let’s capture Argyll in all its glory!

WIldlife photography on Loch Fyne
Capturing the wildlife on Loch Fyne

A Fyne Collaboration

Fyne Sea Tours and Pete Walsh of Eco Nature Holidays have come together to offer our Scottish Wildlife Photography Tours. With our knowledge of the wildlife hotspots on the loch and Pete’s photographic expertise, this unique collaboration aims to bring to life this magical marine environment for you to seize on camera.

On a half day guided tour on the water, we will get you respectfully as close as we can to an abundance of wildlife, where you will be guided, whether a novice photographer or an accomplished image taker, to get the most from your camera and gain confidence to shoot a perfect shot.

Fyne Images

We cannot guarantee you will produce an image to the same quality as seen on a David Attenborough programme but we can guarantee you will enjoy being part of your learning experience on your photographic journey…plus, being immersed in a beautiful location, too.

Get the opportunity to capture the V shaped nostrils of a common harbour seal or the small black fin of a solitary porpoise. Follow a cormorant or oyster catcher with its distinctive long orange beak flying low to the water surface or the characteristic ski slope shape of an eider duck’s beak. Black guillemots bobbing along or the spectacular diving gannet would make a great shot too. If lucky, how amazing would it be to click on a pod of bottle nosed dolphins playing alongside the boat or an encounter with majestic white tailed eagles soaring above eye level over the hills?

Or if you want to play safe and create an image of an object that doesn’t move, there are plenty of shots to claim as yours of castles and endlessly breathtaking vistas, everchanging due to the light and cloud formations.

It’s all there to see through a lens…all there, to capture a part of Argyll!

Capturing the Scottish Wildlife
Shooting the wildlife - with a camera

Respectful Exposure

Maintaining good practise, whilst on the water we will be adhering to the Scottish Marine Wildlife Watching Code (SMWWC,) approaching wildlife slowly and cautiously, to remain respectful of these creatures in their natural environment. This code provides guidance for encounters with marine life, which minimises and encourages safe and sustainable wildlife watching.

In February 2021 we completed the WiSe scheme, hosted by the @Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) based in Tobermory on Mull. This scheme provides training and accreditation to marine users on how to watch wildlife responsibly. We came away from this course feeling more confident with our identification skills and how to conduct our behaviour whilst on the boat around the wildlife on the loch.

Argyll Adventure Coastline

So, there is an adventure coastline here on Loch Fyne waiting for you and your camera. The photograph maybe charming, dreamy, atmospheric or dramatic. Whatever it is, it’s your memorable image. Book a wildlife photography tour with us to….

take that one shot……to capture a piece of Argyll’s Fynest!

Seals on Loch Fyne
Capturing the seals

If interested, please give us a call. Maximum of six photographers per tour. All levels of experience welcome.

We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding that we cannot guarantee an abundance of wildlife on every tour and that tours can be cancelled due to unconducive weather conditions on the day.

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