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A New Season on Loch Fyne - Boat Tours in Argyll

Updated: May 26, 2023

It’s that time of year once again as we see Spring return, to have the opportunity to encounter the beauty of Loch Fyne from the water.

After the winter, safely tucked away in the marina at Port Bannatyne on Bute, Fyne Explorer is now ready for some new adventures in the upper reaches of the loch using the village of Strachur as a base.

Come aboard to experience our new season on Loch Fyne with our boat tours in Argyll

Castles of the Maclachlan Clan

Almost camouflaged into the scenery is 15th century ruin of Old Castle Lachlan in the parish of Strathlachlan, home to the MacLachlan Clan chiefs up until the 17th century. New Castle Lachlan, built in 1790 is now the residence in use on the estate.

Lachlan Castle, Loch Fyne
Lachlan Castle Loch Fyne

Many of the clan’s chiefs over the centuries are buried in Kilmory Church nearby which is one of the last remaining medieval churches in the west of Scotland.

Old Lachlan Castle, Loch Fyne, Clan Mclachlan
Old Lachlan Castle

Inver, a small characterful restaurant sits on the shores nearby. This former crofter’s cottage and boat store was awarded the first Michelin Green Star in Scotland in 2023.

Minard Castle

Sitting majestically on the shore, south of the village of Minard, is Minard Castle. This 19th century castellated mansion was once Knockbuie House. If you look closely you will see ponies grazing in the grounds.

Minard Castle, Loch Fyne
Minard Castle Loch Fyne


This former royal burgh is the ancestral seat of the Duke of Argyll. From the water there is a good view of the town with its bell tower and the classic Georgian mansion house on a grand scale which is Inveraray Castle.

Wildlife Spotting

We cannot guarantee seeing wildlife but when we do it never fails to impress. Common harbour seals can be seen on the rocky outcrops north of Castle Lachlan glistening in the sun. Pods of up to five porpoises are another highlight and the chance of spotting bottle nosed dolphins is always a memorable sight.

Scottish Wildlife, Loch Fyne
Wildlife on Loch Fyne

There is an abundance of bird life too. Busy body oystercatchers, diving gannets, swooping kittiwakes, regal herons, batman lookalike cormorants and bobbing eider ducks to name but a few. If luck is on our side there is also the possibility of encountering swooning white tailed eagles.


Strachur meaning ‘river valley’ in gaelic sits as the name suggests in a valley where the River Cur runs to Loch Eck. In 1770 Strachur House was built which sits facing across the bay down Loch Fyne. A former owner of the house, an original member of the SAS and Churchill’s personal representative in Germany occupied Yugoslavia, Fitzroy Maclean, is said to have been the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s James Bond character. Maybe we might spot Daniel Craig on one of our tours!

Strachur Loch Fyne
A new base for 2023 - Strachur Loch Fyne

Fyne Tours

Come on board to experience all this and more. See a snippet of Argyll’s 3000 miles of coastline. Mountains and valleys, dramatic skies and breathtaking scenery. It’s all here!

Book now for your Fyne adventure!

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