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All Aboard with Fyne Sea Tours

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Think big,

Dream big,

Believe big

……and the results will be big.

Let’s face it, if you’re going to be thinking about anything, you might as well ‘think big!’

Last August, whilst we embarked on our new adventure as Fyne Sea Tours, offering boat trips on idyllic Loch Fyne in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland, it soon became apparent that to grow the business, our way of thinking had to change…….big style!

Reasons to rise with the tide

It was becoming more and more apparent with each boat tour, that we needed to offer additional relaxed and accommodating space to our customers whilst on board. Trying to spot a seal on a rock with the back of someone’s head in view, somewhat takes away the full wildlife experience.

Boasting its grand landscape with majestic vistas, Loch Fyne is staggeringly beautiful, that cannot be disputed. Part of our vision is to give our customers that extra treat of exploring spectacular scenery further afield in comfort to destinations such as the Isles of Arran and Bute.

Plus, undoubtedly, above all else, Crystal, our reluctant sea dog, being in her senior years, would need her basket in a cosy, warm cabin, preferably where she would not be repeatedly tripped up over. There’s no point in trying to argue with her on this one, and rightly so. Safety and comfort of all crew and customers was and will continue to be of paramount importance.

We were rapidly reaching a simple conclusion.

Fyne Sea Tours was in need of a BIGGER boat!

Fyne Explorer, Take One

Fyne Explorer, with her deep blue hull, did us proud last season as we took family bookings out on the water. Her shallow draught allowed easier access to nudge into shallow bays to meet the seals and observe the abundance of birdlife on the coastline.

As a semi displacement motor cruiser, at 31 foot in length, built in 1986, she started her working life as a gentleman’s launch on the Thames. In 2018, when we first met her, she was then on a swinging mooring on the River Truro in Malpas, in Cornwall, needing a considerable level of tender, loving care. Captain Martin got to work on her after she had been brought up to the northwest on a lorry so as to be nearer to us and after several months of hard grind, Fyne Explorer had been restored to a certain level of her former glory. In May 2019, taking four days with highly favourable weather conditions, we motored her up to her destination of Loch Fyne, via the Isle of Man and Portpatrick.

Anticipating a stressfully slow process of selling Fyne Explorer, particularly with covid lockdown restrictions, we were pleasantly surprised how quickly she found a new home. After viewing her online, her new owner from the northeast of England, put in an offer without visiting her in Scotland which we happily accepted.

Fyne Explorer now resides in Hartlepool and her owner is delighted with her.

Fyne Explorer, Take Two

Captain Martin is extremely accomplished at browsing the internet to find the perfect boat, after gaining years of experience perfecting the art of this past time. Therefore, in a short space of time it came with no surprise when he exclaimed that he had found the ideal, bigger boat. Upon reflection over a period of weeks we both felt that this new found boat would be the ideal platform to grow our business over the coming years.

Fyne Sea Tours new boat Fyne Explorer in Liverpool Marina awaiting her trip north.
Fyne Explorer in Liverpool Marina

Never Change the Name of a Boat

Boasting an extra nine feet in length, our new purchase stood majestically on her pontoon in Liverpool Marina. She commanded her spot admirably with her rising bow (that’s the front of the boat) and broad stern (that’s the back of the boat.) She was perfect, well almost….

Fyne Sea tours new ship
Should we change the name?

They say that it is bad luck to change the name of a boat. On this occasion, any superstitious feelings had to be overridden. Being called ‘Bad Boyz’ had given us no option. Arguably, ‘Bad Boyz of Argyll’ would definitely arouse local interest but probably for the wrong reasons and would not be broadcasting the correct message regarding our business!

Having to choose between a bad boy or a fine explorer, we unanimously agreed to take the safe option…..and keep the name ‘Fyne Explorer.’

Fyne Explorer leaving Liverpool
Leaving Liverpool, past the iconic skyline

True Colours

Whilst meeting her for the first time, she held our attention, not only because of her size, but due to her colour. Ok, so she is yellow…….bright yellow. What’s wrong with a bright yellow boat? We were actually, at this point, asking ourselves ‘what’s right with a bright yellow boat?’

After a short while, the yellow grew on us. Arguably, being the brightest colour of the visible spectrum, yellow is the most noticeable of all colours by the human eye, therefore, surely it can only be beneficial from a marketing perspective. Anyway, The Beatles sang a famous song about a yellow vessel, not that we are endeavouring to offer submarine tours, anytime soon. Hence to say, the yellow is staying!

Fyne Explorer (take two) is now spending the rest of Lockdown Three at Whitehaven, sitting patiently until we can visit her and put preparations in place for her passage up to Portavadie Marina on Loch Fyne for the start of a new, exciting season.

Fyne Explorer heading for Whitehaven
Whitehaven bound on a crisp winters day

Big and Bright with Fyne Sea Tours

Come on board this season and be part of the Argyll experience with us. We’re based at Portavadie Marina. You won’t be able to miss us, you will be drawn to the ‘big yellow’.

I should mention at this point that it is worth checking out Portavadie Marina and Spa Resort, with its luxury accommodation, amazing restaurants and award winning health spa as a luxurious staycation holiday base this summer. Tempted?

The future is looking bright for Fyne Sea Tours……and the adventure will be big in 2021.

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